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Comprehensive Cataloging of Assets
So you are Always Prepared

Index Inventory prepares you, your business, and your clients for life's unexpected events. 
Home, business, and personal inventories provide asset protection and peace of mind
in the event of unexpected loss, disaster or theft. 
Allow our trained, insured professionals take
care of cataloging your belonging.   
Saving you time and money.
Suburban House
Dining Room and Kitchen Interior
Wild Fire
Flood in settlements
Tropical Storm
Judge Gavel
Contract Review
Judge's Table

About Us

Anne Sirkin and Robin Brill are the co-founders of Index Inventory, as well as Swapping Scenes Senior and Specialty Move Managers.  We pride ourselves in offering services that improve our clients' lives and products specially designed to mitigate loss during and after major life events.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions - that is what we are here for!

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