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Inventory Solutions for Life

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Types of Life Inventories

  • Estate Planning

  • Prenuptial Assets

  • Divorce & Equitable Distributions

  • Moving & Relocations

  • Estate Sales

  • IRS Documentation

  • and much more!

Having a personal asset inventory can help reduce emotional stress and financial confusion during major life changes and legal disputes.


Trust & Estate Planning

In the midst of grief, collecting and distributing a loved one's belongings can be overwhelming, especially if the family is unsure of where assets are located.

Creating an inventory of your belongings allows you to plan in advance for the distribution of your assets to your loved ones and ensures your end-of-life wishes are followed. 


Marriage, Prenuptial Agreements,

Divorce and Equitable Distributions

Clearly identifying and documenting assets prior to and during a partnership can minimize conflicts which may arise IF a decision to split has been made.  Current asset inventories can minimize the money spent on legal and court fees, ensure a fair division of assets, protect against “disappearing” items, as well as, speed up the process of separation. 


Moving and Relocations

A complete inventory is a great asset if problems arise during a move or relocation.  Proving damage or loss of items during a move is almost impossible without a pre-move inventory.


Estate Sales

Easily create an inventory for an upcoming estate sale or auction.

Charitable Contributions

Index Inventory can document business and personal assets donated to charitable organizations for tax deduction purposes.

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