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Business Inventory Solutions

When the unexpected happens – natural disaster, fire, flood, theft – having a detailed digital inventory of all of your business assets & critical documents allows you to communicate quickly, efficiently, and accurately with your partners, clients, and your insurance company.

In the event of property damage, it is likely that your insurance company will require a detailed list of all losses to substantiate your claim.  Relying on memory alone can be a very costly mistake.

Index Inventory provides you with 3rd party verification adding legitimacy and credibility to your insurance claim. The result is a smoother, faster claims process allowing you to get back to business.


The Index Inventory catalog – digital, physical, or both - contains high resolution photos of assets and scanned copies of critical documents providing you with access to proof of ownership, warranty information, descriptive information, as well as condition, age, and location of all of your company’s assets.

Types of Business Inventories

  • Office Furnishings

  • Computer Equipment

  • Tools

  • Vehicles

  • Construction Equipment

  • and much more!

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